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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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roller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ a bay area teacher out on bail, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underaged girl. good evening, everyone. >> concerned parents are looking for answers tonight hoping their child was not a victim. a popular teacher and coach in albany is accused of having that relationship with a former student. some parents are still supporting him. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us with the details. cheryl? >> reporter: a lot of parents are supporting this teacher, i talked to one teacher who is
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suspicious. all of the parents here tonight say they want answers. about 100 parents packed the school library. all of them desperate for information about the arrest of james azaki. a sixth grade teacher and athletic coach at albany middle school. >> i think it's important for information to be available. for things to be transparent as much as possible. and i'm mainly concerned about the continuity of my child's education. >> no cameras were allowed inside, but reporters were let in. parents told school administrators that the arrest of the popular teacher has many students upset and confused. >> we are in a very delicate situation of an arrest being made and an allegation being made. but no charges as yet. so you have to be very careful when you talk to kids and when you talk to parents. >> izumazaki was arrested wednesday morning on suspicion
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of a lewd act with a child under 14. someone reported to a high schoolteacher that he had an alleged relationship with a female former student. the superintendent immediately reported the allegations to police. >> if he's not guilty, we won't rush to judgment. if he is, he needs to be held accountable. >> this parent who doesn't want to be identified says her daughter was in his class last year. she's not surprised by the arrest. >> he was way too flirty, which made her uncomfortable, so she didn't reen spod to that, he didn't like her a whole lot. with the other girls that did respond to that, he would text them at home, give them rides. he was way too friendly. >> there is a mental health counselor here on campus. she told me tonight that she will be available tomorrow here to help parents deal with their children. reporting live in albany, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news.
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sad news out of marin county tonight, a young girl hit by an suv while riding her bike has sadly died tonight. the girl was ultimately flown to the hospital around 5:30 this evening where she died. the driver did stop and is cooperating with detectives. police say they don't think the man was drunk or he k34i9ed any traffic violations. and tonight they're actually looking for witnesses who saw what happened so they can piece the accident together. take the groceries and ditch the daughter. that's the accusation tonight against the mom, south bay police say she used her 10-year-old to steal groceries and left her behind to answer to police. moments on the run, her mental state in question by her own mother who tonight talks to us. george kiriyama spoke to the
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grandmother, she has the little girl? >> reporter: yes, she is with her grandmother at this point. morgan hill police, they're using this word disheartening tonight to describe the mother's actions. the search is on for the mom who hasn't been seen for last week's crime. >> we knocked on courtney dunken's door in morgan hill, she's marcy keel an's mom and is now looking after her daughter's 10-year-old child. >> do you know where she could be right now? >> no. >> i know she's from wyoming, do you think she could be over there? >> no. >> reporter: the duo was at safeway last wednesday, when keelan filled up her shopping cart, told her daughter to wait outside. safeway employees confronted the young girl. >> the mother saw that from the parking lot and took off, leaving the 10-year-old behind. >> reporter: detectives say this was the second time in as many weeks she and her daughter shoplifted at the same safeway. after interviewing the young
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girl, police say she knew something was wrong. >> she revealed she knew it was wrong, but she didn't want to disappoint mom either. >> reporter: while the search for keelan dins, her mother gave us insight into her daughter's state of mind. >> my daughter's manic depressive, i think she's in a manic phase. that's really all i want to know. >> marcy was last seen driving a green ford explorer with a wyoming license plate. here is the license plate number. it is 411118. there's four one's in there. 4-11118. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, gangs, drugs and now prostitution. parents in one san jose neighborhood are fed up. tonight they're taking action. and they want police to do the sa same. >> the community standing up can
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have an impact. >> dozens of parents and neighbors gathered on south first street this evening to raise awareness about this problem. they say they've seen too many prostitutes near washington and rocketship elementary schools and they want 34r50es to do more. >> if they don't do anything, like more policemen in this area, it's going to be very bad. >> they suffer through gangs, drug dealing and now prostitution. every child, no matter if you live in san jose, in maine, alaska, texas, every child deserves to walk to school feeling safe. >> budget cuts have forced them to make fighting prostitution a lower priority. clearing the way for bart to silicon valley. tomorrow crews will break ground on a key link on that chain. the mission warren area in southern freemont is getting a $2 billion makeover.
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crews will be helping prepare the corridor for that extension. improvements include widening mission boulevard, new on and off ramps. that work should be completed by the spring of 2015. it was a rare sight. the referees got a standing ovation. they are back in business. the real refs took the field in tonight's nfl game between the cleveland browns and the baltimore ravens. there they are. the crowd in baltimore cheered as did the millions of people watching the nationally televised game. the replacement referees officiated the first three weeks of the season, until the league came to a new labor agreement with the real refs late last night. the replacement refs did make several mistakes over the past three weeks. so much so, a las vegas casino is making an unprecedented move. the casino is refunding anyone who bet on the packers to beat the seahawks monday night.
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the infamous call, the refs ruled this a game winning touchdown. a live look at the shark tank. it was supposed to be bustling with activity, it wasn't. 17,000 fans were supposed to be there to watch the sharks against the coyotes. the entire preseason was cancelled today by the nhl. the owners and players cannot reach a new labor deal. a lot of downtown bars and restaurants as well as ushers and parking attendants are out of work thanks to this hockey lockout. it wasn't president obama and it wasn't mitt romney. but a presidential candidate did pack the house in oakland tonight. >> government's not supposed to be run like a business. >> yes, that is roseanne barr and she's laying out her platform to the people at oaksterdam. we asked her, is she serious? also, cell phone video shows the midair meltdown that landed a model in jail.
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find out why passengers had their hands full for more than three hours. these pictures are proof water once flowed on the red planet. we will tell you why. we may have a little bit of water on that seven-day forecast. we'll be tracking our next chance of showers. right now it's all about the warmup inland temperatures on friday in the mid-90s, that's going to produce some poor air quality for this weekend. i'll let you know when we could hit 100 degrees coming up in a few.
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new at 11:00 tonight from comedian to leader of the free world? a woman known for making people laugh is hoping you'll send her
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to the white house. roseanne barr is running for president, and pot is part of her platform. is it a publicity stunt? not according to barr. kimberly terry is there. let me get this right. you have president obama, romney and roseanne barr? >> that's right, and she's serious. she says she wants to serve the public and open up important dialogues about issues, including marijuana. roseanne barr says she chose to come to oakland where feds raided oaksterdam in april. the crowds kept calling out for her until she finally made her appearance. >> i'm not doing it for publicity, because my political views have ended my career. so it's not for publicity that's for sure. >> roseanne barr spoke before hundreds tonight. >> absolutely i do smoke marijuana, and i have for several years -- for most of my
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life as a matter of fact at this point. that's why i'm so cool. >> the peace and freedom party presidential nominee is setting herself apart from president barack obama and mitt romney by taking a hard stance on legalizing marijuana. >> it should be totally legal to smoke marijuana. we live in a free country. we should be able to smoke or drink whatever we choose. as free tax paying adult citizens. >> she told the standing room only crowd she wants to see an end to the drug war. and what she says is a monopoly of prison systems. >> without illegal pot, the war on drugs will end. since the war on drugs is really a war for drugs. the war on drugs is a class war. >> barr says she's running for president to start a dialogue about important issues and to serve her country. >> i don't know if people are smart enough to understand what
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i'm saying, and, therefore, vote for me. we'll see. >> it's only a symbolic one since she's not on the ballot in enough states to win. though she hopes voters will write her name is. >> the system is very winner take all. which is not truly democratic or truly representational. if i get 3% of the vote, i could have 3% of the seats in those hallowed halls where public money is being apportioned. >> we feel she really represents working class people in this country. she's one of the first television shows that wasn't about rich people, but about working class families and the problems they face. and we think it's really important for working class people to have a candidate that they can relate to and who is contending for some power. >> reporter: barr's running mate for the peace and freedom party is cindy sheehan, the anti-war activist. many were expecting her to be at tonight's event. but she was not there. live in oakland kimberly terry,
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nbc bay area news. >> roseanne barr will not be there, but president obama and mitt romney will engage in the first of three presidential debates this week. candidates will focus on domestic policy this wednesday. can you catch the debate right here on nbc bay area live at 6:00 p.m. the california man believed to be behind an anti-muslim video remains behind bars tonight. a judge ruled he should be held on suspicion of violating the terms of his probation. the judge ordered him to be held without bond because he's a flight risk. the 55-year-old is on probation from a 2010 conviction for check fraud. a 14-minute trailer for the film, the innocence of muslims was posted on youtube in july, and linked to deadly protests around the middle east. a male model is facing federal charges tonight half a midair meltdown on board a flight bound for california.
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>> please help me, i can't breathe. >> the cell phone video shot on board a united airlines flight from chicago to orange county on tuesday night. passengers say they had to jump into action, and they used belts to restrain the 26-year-old. they had to hold him down for nearly 3 hours. when passengers seated behind him said the model and actor was drunk and started bothering her right away. >> and he just turns around a little bit, starts a conversation. he immediately starts being a little on knox jous. he grabs my hair and goes, no, no, no, no, no, he kissed me. >> then he went into a tirade. passengers were holding him down. once on the ground he was arrested and taken off that plane. a bay area baseball star has now turned community activist. his heated exchange with the local police chief is making headlines. >> the wild west, the boys in blue are outgunned.
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they let you know they can't do it. he brought with him a baseball match and got into a shouting match with the police chief. he said crime in stockton is so bad he's leaving his beloved hometown and moving out. his grandmother was robbed and he was assaulted recently. braden pitched a perfect game, you may recall for the a's two years ago and is currently on the injured list. after one of the worst fires in san jose history, businesses on santana row are joining forces to thank the fire department. santana row, you may remember these flames. business owners say the firefighters were miracle workers. this weekend several businesses are donating 10% of the profits to the department's truck fund. investigators say they have never quite figured out what sparked that fire. is it the next big thing?
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facebook is moving into new territory again. the company is rolling out a new gifts feature. a way for you to find, buy and send presents. actual presents to your facebook friends from your mobile phone. this comes from their purchase of a san francisco company called karma a few months ago. governor brown signed bills today to prevent companies from asking for your social media passwords. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is very active on twitter and facebook. what's his password, sunshine? >> how did you guess? >> i just blew it, didn't i? >> well, i don't want to go there, everybody at home is going, let's see if we can break that. livermore, 95 degrees, today, what we like to call a september scorcher, not a record setting hi high. we will be close to the record
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setting temperatures this saturday and sunday. thankfully it's not going to be near the hottest september day. which was the hottest set back in the 1950s. as you head throughout the friday forecast, it's going to be a little more humid in the south bay, more noticeable with dewpoints at 55 to 60. not only hotter in the south bay, but more humid as you look back across the east bay, we're finding milder air right now. outside of our live hd sky camera network. what we have happening is plenty of fog. the atmosphere is getting stirred up as we're getting this hot air arriving. we're having a tough time clearing out. nonetheless, it is going to be getting pushed out of here by this weekend. we have a storm system up in the gulf of alaska. that would produce some rainfall for us. but not right now. we have high pressure building offshore, that's helping to shield us for not only any kind of rainfall activity, but keeping the cold air away. the hot air will be arriving saturday, sunday and monday. and a slight offshore wind.
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anywhere from 80s by the bay to 90s in the interior valleys. we will be near some record setting heat. as far as your forecast goes, not the best beach day on friday. we'll start out with low clouds in the north bay. we head throughout the afternoon. the fog will still linger right here immediately offshore. not going to be until about saturday and sunday. and we look for fog free forecast in the local beaches. we'll start with 48 in napa, 58 in santa rosa. and low to mid-50s to gilroy. your friday forecast, it's already here. we'll expect 89 in san jose, 87 in sunnyvale. 95 in gilroy, those will be two of the hottest spots in the south bay, the humidity we talked about building into the south bay. for the east bay, no triple digits expected for friday. but it will feel like it in the sun. 95 in livermore. a little cooler back by the bay,
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84 in freemont. san francisco 73. 67 in pacifica. and also 66 in bodega bay. a little warmer at the coastline, we're going to go much hotter at the coast. especially by saturday and sunday. low to mid-70s expected then. temperatures in the upper 90s and 100 for saturday and sunday. we're not going to get rid of that heat by monday. it's just not going to happen. we'll have temperatures close to 100 degrees on monday. as we head throughout wednesday and thursday, numbers start to cool off. the clouds increase. showers will increase by thursday. as we head to friday, we're looking at a decent chance of maybe some showers. not a rainstorm, but it's the first indication we've seen in a long time. >> bbq and beach. >> a little bit of everything. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, a national tv shocker for the eighth ranked stanford football team, stay with us. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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will be filled with bikers. critical mass is celebrating their 20th anniversary tomorrow with a ride. they do this every month, but tomorrow's gathering will be a little more special than usual. thousands of cyclists are expected to meet around 6:00 p.m. expect some traffic delays. critical mass started in 1992 to draw attention to bikers and to urge motorists to share the road. it's time to do it, roll up your sleeves, get vaccinated. the message from the cdc. health officials say there are plenty of flu shots to go around this year, and they say if not for your own sake, get vaccinated for your family and the health of your community. even a mild flu season can lead to suffering and death. despite that, many americans choose to skip the shot. only 42% got shots last year. a yearly vaccination is now recommended for nearly everybody. let's bring in dave bentz from our comcast sportsnet
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newsroom. are you with us? >> i'm with you. let's talk a little bit about the cardinals. less than two weeks ago, their fans rushed the field. a similar scene occurred in their game tonight. the giants bid farewell to their home crowd for now. and one giant compiles -- ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal.
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it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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i'm dave benz at the xfinity sports desk. stanford set themselves up for a showdown against oregon. apparently washington had different plans. let's take you up to seattle. stanford visiting the huskies, 13-10 stanford, the fourth quarter. williams and he's gone. 35 yards on the touchdown. the huskies take the lead. stanford one last chance late in
11:27 pm
this one. josh noon is trying to rally the troops. on fourth and 4, he just throws it up for grabs. can't come down with it, desmond's true punt does. washington wins 17-13. >> i thought that was not his best effort. i think he can play much better. i think can he can all do a much better job. >> any chance you'll change quarterback this week? >> no. it only took a minute and a half to get to that. >> we didn't make the throws we need to make. we didn't make the catches we need to make. we didn't sustain our running back as long as we should have. >> to baseball, it's now official, as first reported yesterday by our giants. melky cabrera will not be a part of the giants playoff roster, even if the team advances to the nlcs. bruce bochy made that perfectly clear prior to thursday's game. >> melky understands, and i
11:28 pm
think it's the best interest of this club. if you look how we played. and all we've been throw. these guys have really done a greajob. there's a reason why we're in this situation. they've earned this, and so we're going to go with the 25 guys we have here. >> as for that game, diamondbacks visiting the giants for the final regular season at at&t park. hunter pence two-run blast his 22nd. 2-0 giants. marco scutero. giants would bat around and put up a six spot. they go on to win 7-3 and finish their home stand. they lose a tough one in texas to the rangers. they return home for their final six games with a two-game lead on the rays and angels. and the nonreplacement refs made the return to the nfl on
11:29 pm
thursday night. baltimore hung on against cleveland. >> what do we complain about now? how bad the real refs are? >> thanks, dave. >> we'll be right back.
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pretty amazing, the first of its kind discovery. >> they found new evidence of an ancient stream bed on the red planet. gravel was once transported by water. the researchers estimate the stream was moving about three feet per second with a depth somewhere between ankle and hip deep. >> discovering things all the time. >> you should start doing mars weather. >> oh, my gosh. >> the weather on mars changes, doesn't it? >> there's the picture we're referring to. >> can you do a seven-day for mars? >> why not? >> there's the stream bed.
11:32 pm
>> right here across the bay area, it's going to get hot, not quite like mars heat. it's going to go up to 100 degrees saturday and sunday inland. we'll get gradual cooling wednesday and thursday. and maybe some showers for friday. >> thanks for watching. we hope to see you tomorrow.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "taken 2" liam neeson. comedian lisa lampanelli. and the music of the gaslight anthem.


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